Business People Don't Have a Role in Missions

Join a 4-month training program and get connected with a business-as-missions (BAM) opportunity.

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Discover Your Opportunity

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Real Business. Real Mission.


Real Business. Real Mission.

Real Business.

Real Mission.

Pave the way and start a cross-cultural BAM company to reach the unreached and champion holistic reconciliation.

Help develop an existing BAM company into new frontiers of transformation.

Join an existing BAM team and be an ambassador using your talents and skills to bring restoration to those who need it.

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The Program Includes:

(16 Modules/4-Months)

Access To A Team Of
BAM Mentors

Our team of Business-As-Mission (BAM) mentors are here to walk with you day by day as you discern your next steps.

Access To Renowned
BAM Trainers

Our internationally renowned Business-As-Mission (BAM) teachers and facilitators are here to help you prepare for the field.

Join A Class
From Anywhere

Our course is available online allowing you to connect with world renowned mentors and trainers from anywhere in the world.

After Graduating The Program, We'll Help You Discover Your Next Steps.

Our BAM mentors will help connect you to the right organizational partners as you walk the path to joining God in His work through Business-As-Mission.

Discover the Possibilities

Business People Are Not Missionaries

Join a movement of business oriented missionaries responding to God’s call on their life.

After the program, spend two or more years journeying alongside a team that will help you use your business and ministry skills to provide holistic reconciliation.

Talk To A BAM Mentor

Our BAM mentors are here to help you discern if the program is right for you.


After talking with your BAM mentor, you’ll have a better understanding if the program is right for you. If you’re ready to apply for the program fill out our program application and take your next step.

Complete Program

Your next step is to successfully complete the program. After you complete the program you’ll be better equipped with the foundational knowledge required to take your next step in your Business-As-Mission (BAM) journey. 

Discover Your Opportunity

After completing the program, you won’t be left to figure out the rest of your own. Our field preparation team will work with you to discern your next step. This might look like connecting you with a sending organization for you or an additional cross-cultural training program.

Join God In His Work

You went from curious, to trained, ready for your next steps in our journey to joining God in his work through Business-As-Mission. See you on the field.

Many Business Students & Professionals Don't How Much The Nations Need Them...

You’ve been endowed with remarkable business skills, a gift that holds the power to transform lives and communities. However, you may find yourself grappling with a complex question: how to align your professional ambitions with your spiritual calling.

Does this resonate with you? If so, you’re not alone. Many face the challenge of aligning their professional ambitions with their spiritual calling. This becomes even more complex when you step into global missions, navigating the intricacies of international business.

The complexities of international business, unfamiliar surroundings, and the challenge of finding a like-minded community can make this journey seem daunting. But what if you had a reliable guide to help you navigate and conquer each of these obstacles, allowing you to fulfill your God-given dream? That’s precisely where we come into the picture.

Find confidence in taking the next steps towards BAM. Consider joining our 16-week program, carefully crafted to equip you with the essential tools, mentorship, and a tight-knit community that will empower you to thrive in Business-As-Mission (BAM). What truly sets us apart is our commitment to including a diverse group of BAM leaders, each offering a global perspective and unwavering dedication to BAM’s mission. You’ll follow a tailor-made curriculum, receive invaluable mentorship, and be inspired by captivating real-life stories. Our spirit of collaboration extends to organizations like YYAM, Frontiers, Operation Mobilization, and Perspectives Training, ensuring that you become an integral part of a robust network of future BAM missionaries.

So what’s next? Starting your journey is simple. Click “Start Your Journey” to connect with our team. Once connected, expect personalized support and guidance to commence your mission of fulfilling your dual calling in both business and mission. We’ll provide a high-level overview of the journey, so you know where it starts and ends.

Starting, developing, or joining a BAM practice is rewarding but challenging. Our mission is to make something that has historically been incredibly difficult, streamlined and enjoyable.

Why delay? Take the first step today toward fulfilling your calling in both business and mission. Join our BAM training community and begin bringing the whole gospel to the whole person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business professionals, students, or business-oriented individuals with a heart for the unreached, holistic reconciliation and cross-cultural ministry.

The program is 4-months long, and broken up into 16 section designed to prepare you for your next steps in BAM ministry.

The program cost $1200. Scholarships are available.

After the program our BAM mentors will work with you to figure out your next steps!

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